Top 10 Richest Singers 2015

Musicians are among the top earners worldwide. To some people, if you ask them to define entertainment, they will comfortably tell you that it is music. Though initially looked down upon and rated as no-career, currently music is a real job and a well paying one in that case.  When it comes to popularity, singers are both popular and famous not only in their respective countries but in the whole world. This advantage is turned into monetary value when people purchase their music. Singers bank’s accounts receive money daily from the records sold. Singers travel a lot within and outside their countries to meet with their fans, tours that are more beneficial to them than the fans. Take a look at some of the top 10 richest singers 2015 Review in this piece.

10. Pink

Richest Singers 2015 Review
She is a very talented singer who makes her singing with lots of energy to make that her fans get the best out from her. She is also famous in the whole world through her millions of records she sold in the whole world. Her bank account is estimated to be having over $ 30.5, hence making her to be ranked among the top world richest singers.

9. Lady Gaga

Richest Singers 2015 Review
Lady Gaga
She has been faced with many controversies, but is still ranked 9th in the list of the top 10 richest singers 2015. She is a talented in music and also in the fashion industry. Lady Gaga is a stylish singer who is an icon and an idol too. She is loved by many due to her uniqueness both in music and fashion. In 2014, she is believed to have netted $80 million in singing only.

8. Eminem

Richest Singers 2015 Review
He is US based singer and citizen. Eminem is well known for energetic performances of rap music. Report has it that Eminem has raised $150 million for only two years and still in the process to raise more in the coming years. He is famous through his songs that are loved by his fans.

7. 50 Cent

Richest Singers 2015 Review
50 Cent
A controversial rapper who doubles up as an actor  has broken many records in the rapping arena. His wealth is estimated to be over $250 million since he began his singing career in 1996. Apart from rapping, 50 Cent is also an entrepreneur who takes part in many businesses In the US.

6. Jay Z

Richest Singers 2015 Review
Jay Z
For a long period of time, Jay Z was dominating the rapping industry before the emergence of other singers. He has released and launched many records from the starting point of his career. His account is said to be having over $ 500 million.

5. Snoop Dogg

Richest Singers 2015 Review
Snoop Dogg
He is American from California and has been in the music industry since 1992. Apart from singing, he is a songwriter and a rapper. He has managed to set records in many occasions and even in acting. His wealth is estimated to be $120 million.

4. Elton John

Richest Singers 2015 Review
Elton John
His wealth is approximated to be $350, some of it is believed to have come from the music tours that has made around the world. He is not only a singer, but also a composer, songwriter, and an actor. Currently, he is the second richest singer in Great Britain and has scooped many awards in his career.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Richest Singers 2015 Review
Jennifer Lopez
She is not only a singer, but also a professional dancer, fashion designer and music producer. She is famous and also one the richest immigrants in the United States. Her wealth is estimated to be over $250 million. Jennifer Lopez is also a business woman who deals with clothes and perfumes. She is also among the top 10 sexiest women in the world.

2. Bon Jovi

Richest Singers 2015 Review
Bon Jovi
In the middle of 2013 summer only, Jovi netted approximately $79 million. It is not an individual, but a band that consists of  four artists; Jon Bon Jovi, who is the leader of the band, Rico Torres who is the drummer, the guitarist Richie and David Bryan.

1. Madonna

Richest Singers 2015 Review
The top 10 richest singers 2015 is topped by Madonna, who is talented in many areas within art industry. She is an actress in Hollywood besides being a musician where she made recorded many achievements. In 2013 only, Madonna received $ 125million through organized tours. Some of her wealth she amassed  from her businesses in clothing and perfume.

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