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Top 10 Most Popular Dancers of All Time

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers List of All Time
Popular Dancers impressing the world through their talent: Dancing is all about grooving your body to the most melodious tunes in a perfect way. There are different forms of dance that one can see throughout the world. This is not only a form of entertainment but it is also one of the most amazing forms of expressing oneself. Dance helps an individual to get relieved from their tensions and pressure and it makes them learn about the beauties with which they are surrounded with all around them. It also reflects the culture and tradition of different areas.

Best dancers of the world who are popular for their dancing skill for all time

Dancers throughout the world are known for their extreme level of talent and wonderful skills. They entertain their audience through their unusual body movement to rhythm and music. It is a visual communication which is understood by all and is also loved by all. It is something that people love to experience. There are many exceptional dancers throughout the world who have graced the dance floors with excellent and mesmerizing talent. It showcases the past, present and future and also links all of them through excellent moves and wonderful pose.
Below is the list of 10 popular dancers of all time
1. Mikhail Baryshnikov - He is one of the greatest and finest ballet dancers of all time. He is Soviet born Russian American dancer and choreographer who rose to fame because of his abilities and wonderful dancing skills. He was a successful actor on stage, movies as well as on television which again contributed in his popularity and made him top the list of Top 10 Most Popular Dancers of All Time.
2. Michael Jackson - This pop star doesn’t need any introduction. He is well known throughout the world for his notable dancing moves and excellent talent. His special “moonwalk” move is very popular. He was a well known pop star in the 1980s but his craze hasn’t yet declined in the 21st century as well. He is among the Most Popular Dancers of All Time.

3. Rudolf Nureyev - This good looking guy is regarded as one of the best male ballet dancers in the 20th century. The flexibility of his body and its charm is what has helped Rudolf to get noticed. He is a gifted dancer who completes all his moves with clarity and comfort. His hard work and great effort has helped him to become one of the famous Dancers of All Time.
4. Madhuri Dixit - A trained classical dancer, Madhuri is a well known Bollywood actress and is a leading celebrity. She is graceful and has an extraordinary expression and dance posture which cannot be matches by anyone. She is regarded as the Dancing Queen and is famous for her wonderful skills and talents.
5. Joaquin Cortes - He is a classically trained ballet and flamenco dancer belonging to Spain. He is a wonderful dancer loved by both men and women alike. He has a great flow in his dance and is also known for creating fusion between modern dancing, flamenco and ballet. This has helped him bag a leading position among the Most Popular Dancers of All Time.
6. Gene Kelly - His real name is Eugene Curran Kelly. He is a singer, actor, dancer, producer, and choreographer. This multitalented person is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood and is highly applauded for his great and unique dancing skills.
7. Martha Graham - She is an American Dancer and choreographer and is considered as the leading and foremost pioneers of modern dancing. Her style of dancing was immensely popular among her fans during the 20th century. She also had invented new language of movement of dance for expressing properly. She is undoubtedly one of the excellent Dancers of All Time.
8. Shakira - This Colombian singer, dancer, choreographer and model is immensely popular among her fans because of her body movement and stunning performances. She is an amazing dancer and heartthrob for many men of all ages.
9. Madonna - Known throughout the world for her dancing and acting skills this star is among the well known entertainers of Hollywood. She has an innovative and excellent dancing ability.
10. Hritik Roshan - This leading Indian actor has versatility and is an amazing dancer. He is one of the actors who carry off any step with an ease and comfort. He is definitely one of the Most Popular Dancers of All Time.
All these actors and artists are dancers of superb caliber and deserve high accolades for their immense talent and exclusive skills in 2015 with which they entertain their audiences significantly. These above popular dancers are not only popular as dancer but are also talented in other different fields.

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